The Slots below are all “givaways” they are free to download and keep on your own machine and play whenever you want, no need to be internet connected

These games only operate in a Windows environment, please download from windows desktop PC
Clicking on any picture will redirect you to for info and download

243 way Ships Ahoy

243 way  pokie

243 Way Classical Music Slot

243 way slot

25 line Paris Nights Slot

paris nights pokie

Slot Gowild

australian slot

Slots Rock

rock and roll pokies

Trucking Pokie

Trucking Slot

Pub Crawl slots Cheers

download cheers pokie

Blazing Sevens Pokie

red hot sevens pokie

Fishing Slot

slots fishing

Viva Las Vegas Pokie

Las vegas Slots

243 Way Slots

slots keynote

Lucky Slot

lucky irish pokie

Dreaming Indian

Indian Dreaming Pokermachine

Build a Slot Pokie

Builder Pokies

Merlin magician Slot

Merlin the Magician

25 line pokie.

King Tut Pokies

USA 25 Line Slot

usa slot

Chinese Pokie game

goeast pokie

Sweet slot

i love lollies Slots



DIY Pokie

Mypics Pokies

243 Way London Pokies

London Town slots

Vacation Slot Game

Vacation Pokies

Great Barrier Reef Slots

Reef Slot

Slots Cosmos

Cosmos Games


Aussieslots Games

Aztec Empire game

aztec pokie

Cleopatra Queen of the Nile

slots cleo

Space game, old but it’s free

space pokie

Egyptian Slot Machine

egyptian slots

Frosty Slots game

Frosty Slots

Pokies Fun game

Pokies.Fun Slots

Jollyrog the pirate

jollyrog pokie

25 Line Crown Jewels Pokie

jewels Pokie

Australian Pokies

slot pokies

Parthenon Slots.

Parthenon Pokie

Slots ReelyWild

GoWild Pokie

25 Liner Go2Rome

Rome Slot

Golf Pokie

Golf Slots

Not Wizard of oz but it's FREE

Oz Pokie

Viva Las Vegas

Viva Las Vegas slots

Australian pirate slot

Pirate Slots

9 liner Cupid Pokie

Cupid 9 liner Pokie

Heart throb, just play for free

LoveHeart Pokie

Keno 20 and 22 ball games

Keno Slots

Crusades themed Pokie

Crusader Pokie

25 Line Scary slot game

Scary Slot

243 Way Western Slots

GoWest Pokie

Keno Multi Game

Keno Multi Games

Wonders Pokie Machine

Slots Wonders